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A global on-line network of directors and aspiring directors

Where directors and aspiring directors: Gain new 'best fit' roles. Network, Enhance know-how and skills. Multiply resources.


1. To share information, ideas and contacts.

2. To assist each other find new director roles.

3. To lift our performance as directors of companies, corporations, and not-for-profits.

4. To share a range of relevant resources.


1. Which of the factors our industry takes for granted should we eliminate?

2. Which factors should we reduce well below the industry norm?

3. Which factors should we raise well above industry norms?

4. What factors should we create that our industry has never offered?


Reaching the top of the ladder - ebook that gives extensive tips and links.

Business models on the web
The need is urgent for directors to review business models. A great overview site for possibilities.

A good to great diagnostic tool by Jim Collins

Changing us and others. A massive indexed site on how we change what we and others think, believe, feel and do.

Self-paced training for not-for-profit directors and committee members..
Cost $55 from NSW Government

Is your company marketing leading you into a dense forest, or...?

HERE is a link to an on-line marketing autopsy.

It has a list of quite severe questions about marketing - some of which are relevant to you and your company, some not.

1. You can copy the questions into a word document and then go through them and see which are relevant. Or

2. You can fill them out and fill in false contact details - which still gives you the summary report which is useful. Or

3. You can fill it out with real contact details and put up with the sales follow-up.

Please be warned: Giving your real contact details will result in a skilled and aggressive marketer ringing to sell you a three-hour seminar that costs $97.

Will you be skilled enough to say, "No!" I almost succumbed....

I recommend we all do at least option one as some of the questions are enlightening and relevant. And share with the group what you learn - in the marketing forum, central column.

Neville Christie

PS. You can click on the picture to see it in larger detail. And click here for the link.



Welcome to Best Fit Directors - THE online place for directors, aspiring directors, and our advisors to share ideas and know how. In the coming weeks you will see a lot of changes to the network. One of the major changes you will notice is the video content that will begin to appear, including the introductory video below and a 10-part video tutorial on achieving your goals as directors.


As a new, old or aspiring director: you will also find here a rapidly expanding bank of resources filled with new ideas, new tools and techniques, new challenges, new trends, new legislation, new strategies, new contacts, new opportunities, new resources, and new support.

These resources assist you as a director of companies, associations, institutions, agencies to ; find new board roles – whether paid and unpaid, enhance your personal value, and lift overall board performance. See:

Search firms. Access 5,000 search professionals world-wide...through the Blue Steps program, of the Association of Executive Search Consultants, We as senior executives, directors and would-be directors, can lodge our story on-line for a three-level fee.- provided our current remuneration exceeds $US100,000 – or its local equivalent.


We want to continue to grow and turn into an essential resource for directors, aspiring directors and their advisors. To do this we need your help and contributions in a number of ways:

1. LINKS: We are aiming to obtain an extensive list of both Australian and International online resources relating to directorships. Please forward any links you think might be helpful to the community. Also, if you know any sites that might like to have a link, please let us know!
2. BECOME A FEATURED MEMBER: In the coming weeks we are planning to 'feature' particular members on the homepage. This is your opportunity to showcase yourself or provide training and resources to the Best Fit Directors community. Try using a presentation tool such as a FLOWGRAM. Contact us if you are interested.
3. ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO JOIN: We aim to get membership up to 500 within the next month. The bigger the community, the greater the resource for all of us, so please take the time to email your friends, colleagues and associates and encourage them to become part of the Best Fit Directors community.
4. CONTRIBUTE: Send us ideas for the site, resources, start up discussion forums, make new groups, start to network! The more we all interact and share resources, the more we can all grow as directors.

And remember, we can:
So let's work together to achieve our professional and directorial goals!


US GURUS are predicting that within the next 18 months, "50-80 percent of the venture-backed start-ups currently operating will shut down or go on life-support" . Can Start-ups survive? Is it time to panic?. Find here contacts with providers of start up capital around the world.

HERE IS A GREAT COLLECTION of articles forwarded by member Erik Unger on the rise of Startup Depression



A new "duty of awareness" in the social media age

Started by Rory Manchee Jun 17, 2013.

Dear Producers

Started by Doris Anne Beaulieu Nov 21, 2009.

Steps you can take during this economic downturn! 1 Reply

Started by Mike Johnson. Last reply by Anthony Martini Jun 9, 2009.


Started by Doris Anne Beaulieu Jun 6, 2009.



Not-for-profits. Register for director roles in Australia's 700,000 community and not-for-profits

Women on Boards. The leading online Australian network for women seeking leadership roles. It promotes diversity on boards in the not-for-profit, private, government and public sectors.'. Click here.

AICD Register. A general register for members seeking new director roles. See AICD


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A new "duty of awareness" in the social media age

We've seen the effects of off-hand comments by CEOs and ill-considered Board decisions, and the resulting consumer backlash - social media is not very forgiving! Do we need to add a "duty of awareness" to our Corporate Governance obligations? Or is it time for Corporate Governance 2.0, given it is 30 years since the current model was introduced: More
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